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Tim Parsell, leatherworker in Alpena, Michigan. Tim makes leather goods and custom axes. Image is Tim hand carving a handle.
Custom leather goods in Alpena Michigan. Custom leather laptop bag. Bespoke leather bageather goods

Meet the Maker

Hi there! This is Tim, the owner of Parsell Artisan Works (PAW).
I'd like to take a few moments of your time to share my story. Before I go on though, thank you so, so much for stopping into my little corner of the world.

I never understood or appreciated how special my northern Michigan upbringing was until just the last few years, and in hindsight it had a formative impact on where I am now. I spent my childhood on a hobby sheep farm where we sheared, processed, and dyed the wool from our small flock for spinners and knitters alike. I fondly remember sitting in on craft show booths with my parents, where they sold items from the farm as well as ceramics and other handcrafted goods. During the summer I would spend time with my grandparents whom operated craft stores for decades. The perspectives they shared with me in regards to artistic curiosity and business are foundational for me to this day.

And they weren't the only ones that have had an impact on my life. My entire family is full of painters, tinkerers, drawers, engineers, and photographers; my social circles include blacksmiths, bladesmiths,
woodworkers, adventurers, and countless other skilled misfits. I'm in good company, and I am now honored to represent the third-generation of entrepreneurial makers in my family with this studio.

Parsell Artisan Works began in 2016 as a hobby. My first
"official" items were restored axes, and not long after I began
producing leather goods for my fellow bushcrafters and lovers of the outdoors. The people that have been around since the beginning remember me for my hard-use leather goods and still ask for them five years later.

Since then, my work has improved, my offerings have become more diverse, and I have steadily increased the amount of time dedicated to the craft. Parsell Artisan Works received its LLC in 2021 and remains a part-time business to this day.