From the Maker

Hi there! This is Tim, the owner of Parsell Artisan Works. My goal is to use my upbringing and experience as a third-generation artisan in my own Michigan studio to produce remarkable leather goods that combine the robustness of American designs with the quality of craftsmanship found most often from European ateliers.

I started in leather goods for outdoorsmen in 2016 and have continued to move further into fine leatherworking and everyday items (like wallets & handbags) ever since. My forte is in bespoke and custom leatherwork, though I'm constantly trying to bring elements of my best work into my more widely available products. This is by far the toughest challenge in my designs, but it brings untold value and quality for our customers and any artisan worth their salt should always strive to improve their craft.

On a final note, if you follow our social accounts or newsletter you'll find that we don't hold ourselves as seriously as other makers might. I absolutely believe that beautiful work can coexist with humor and humility, and I welcome feedback and dialogue from my followers, peers, and customers whom I consider extended family.

Thanks for stopping by!

Machine-Sewn or Hand-Stitched?

Many of our made-to-order leather goods have an option for either machine-sewn or hand-stitched construction, and this is also an available choice for all bespoke or custom leatherwork.

One isn't necessarily better than the other. Hand-stitching is by far more pleasing to the eye and requires more skill and patience to execute correctly. However, machine-sewn items are just as durable, yet more affordable.

Whichever style you choose, rest assured that both will last for years and either can be repaired if it's ever needed. Our default is to machine-sew; check out the Studio Collection for hand-stitched products available now.