Sharpening Strop


Keep your sharps, well, sharp!

When you reach for a knife, it better not be dull. A sharp edge is actually safer, more effective, and more enjoyable in use. However, taking the time to pull out sharpening stones before every use is a hassle and wastes valuable time. Why not use something that can maintain an already sharp knife instead?

This is where our sharpening strop comes in. A strop is not a replacement for sharpening stones or a knife sharpener to fix a dull blade, but can be used on an already sharp knife to maintain the edge longer. Simply rub the strop with buffing compound (we'd suggest white buffing compound from your local hardware store), then lay the blade on the strop and drag the edge back and forth like a barber would prep a straight razor. Do not cut into the strop. A few passes on each side before use is usually enough to get that razor sharp edge back.