Wholesale Orders

We offer a significant portion of our product line for wholesale orders at the most competitive rates we can provide. If you are interested in buying wholesale leather goods from us, please reach out and we will send you the pertinent information.

Wholesale leather belts, wallets and dog leashes on a shelf

Product Development, Sampling & Production Runs

Our experience in custom and bespoke leatherwork has given us the insight and ability to offer product development and prototype samples of leather goods for outside clients.

For most products within our niche we handle the prototype and sample process in-house, whereas we've partnered with The Bull & The Lion for a wider variety of products. Their knowledge and design prowess is significant, and we're privileged to be a part of the team.

While we are a studio and not a manufacturing facility, we have the capabilities to handle limited production runs of many types of leather goods. Please contact us to begin the conversation.

Product development of prototype leather goods. Leather handbag handle sample