Leather Repair Services

If you have cherished leather goods in need of some love, we're here to help. Parsell Artisan Works proud to offer a leather repair service in our studio in Alpena, Michigan.

Fast fashion is notoriously bad for the environment and their disposable leather goods are not only ecologically damaging and wasteful, but they are poor investments for any discerning customer. We want to do what we can to help you offset these negative impacts. By repairing and maintaining your leatherwork, you honor the animal that provided the hide and get more value for your purchase.

With so many diverse disciplines in the leatherwork world it's beyond our capabilities to fix everything. However, we'll gladly do our best for you and fix anything that we can. Please reach out to us to schedule an appointment to drop off your item for a free inspection.

Things we generally can handle:

Cleaning & conditioning
Strap repair/replacement
Attachment point failures
Failed hardware
Blown stitching
Extra belt holes

Things we cannot handle:
Furniture upholstery
Replacement vehicle interiors
Boot soles
Shoe rebuilds

Leather goods repair in Alpena, Michigan. Leather repair shop fixing blown stitching on boots.
Custom leather belt repair. Replacement hand carved and tooled strap for a gun belt